Def sequer bot


Class: Assault robot specialized in transportation

Faction: Nian Industrial Trust

You shouldn't expect tremendous firepower or superb electronics from a transportation worker, but their loyalty and reliability is being proven during the long war on Nia. These robots with immense cargo holds and reinforced hulls make the relocation of goods a simple task.

Pilot Pre-RequisitesEdit

Catagory Extension Level
Robot Control Industrial Robot control 4
Robot Control Basic robots 4

Robot BonusesEdit

Effect Bonus
Accumulator Capacity 5%
Chamical Resist 5%
Seismic Resist 5%
Kinetic Resist 5%
Thermal Resist 5%
Shield Absortion 5%

Robot StatsEdit


Accumulator Capacity: 425 AP
Accumulator Recharge Time: 240 sec
CPU Performance: 180 TF
Reactor Performance: 180 RP


Armor: 1200 HP
Chemical Resistance: 30 Points
Kinetic Resistance: 45 Points
Seismic Resistance: 45 Points
Thermal Resistance: 45 Points

Targeting EquipmentEdit

Locking Range: 100 M
Locking Time: 12.50 Sec
Maximum Targets: 3 Pcs
Missile Guidance failure: 10%
Sensor Strength: 80Hw³


Misc: 1
Head: 4
Industrial: 1
Legs: 4
Missile: 1
Turret: 1


Ammunition reload time: 10 Sec
Cargo Capacity: 80 U
Mass: 10500.00 Kg
Slope capability: 56º
Surface Hit size: 4m
Top Speed: 43 Kph
Volume: 23.00 U

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