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OK people not sure who started this WIKI or when but i spotted it and saw how empty it was and decided to contribute, I have added pages for each clans mecha (the Pelistal mecha page is a little dodgy so try using the MECHA page) i will either delete the pelistal page and rename the Mecha page later or do something else. Anyway i've made a start to the WIki hopefully it will come in handy as a reference guide i will hopefully contribute more information such as modules and more later on but anyone else feel free to contribute too and thanks. (23 march 2012) Perpetuum Wiki containing information on Modules , Ammo and Bot types in the world of Perpetuum.

Character CreationEdit

ICS (Institute of Corporate Security) / Nuimqol Union / Blue
Asintec / Thelodica Clan / Yellow
Truhold-Markson / Pelistal Empire/ Green
  • Career

Item DatabaseEdit

Player GuidesEdit

Once the base work is complete I will be adding tutorials, guides, and general information about the game as it progresses, being in closed beta at present many of the planned items and mechanics in game are still in development but I will keep you informed of new changes.

All Icons , Images and Refrences to Perpetuum are courtesy of Avatar Creations