Game Guide

The following guide is supposed to help whenever you don't understand something.

I. Creating a character

  • Creating an avatar
  • Initial extensions
  • Attributes
  • Megacorporations
  • Schools
  • Professions
  • Corporations
  • Sparks
  • Character name

II. Character management

<a name='III._Basic_functions_on_bases'></a>

III. Basic functions on bases

<a name='IV._Facilities'></a>

IV. Facilities

<a name='V._The_market'></a>

V. The market

<a name='VI._Corporations'></a>

VI. Corporations

  • Creating a new corporation
  • Corporation logo editor
  • Corporation management

VII. The map of PerpetuumEdit

  • Map

VIII. Robots

  • Robot categories
  • Fitting and activating a robot
  • Robot parameters
  • Robot bonuses

IX. Weapons and other equipment

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Defense systems
  • Engineering and electronics
  • Recon modules
  • Module parameters

X. The terrain

  • The terrain and the rules
  • Moving the camera and the robot
  • Radar
  • Landmark information
  • Landmarks
  • Targeting computer
  • Squad
  • Combat log
  • Scanner

XI. Combat

  • Combat events
  • The combat in numbers

XII. Mining & harvesting

  • Raw materials
  • Searching for materials: geoscanning
  • The process of mining
  • The process of harvesting

XIII. Assignments

  • Assignments

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