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The Thelodica faction is the second fastest faction in the game. Their faction weapon is the laser turret. Laser turrets are short to long range weapons. They can have Line-of-Sight (LOS) issues in game, but also have medium to high dps.

Lasers have the longest range with high dps, but laser weapons use a lot of energy (accu). This makes the Thelodica faction unstable at time, making it a requirement for the player to always manage his actions and from draining his accumulator in the middle of battle.

Thelodica faction warfare effect is Sensor Suppression.

Thelodica faction color is Yellow/Red.

Lasers have an optimal range and falloff.

Key things to know about lasers as your faction weapon.

  • Laser turrets use a lot of energy (accu) when firing.
  • Laser have short range and long range based turrets . (Range can be affected by extensions.)
  • Ammo can put +/- affects on range.

Key Extensions for lasers

  • Basic optics
  • General firing
  • Rapid firing
  • Precision firing
  • Sharpshooting
  • Advanced optics (for medium laser turrets used on mechs)

Thelodica Robots

  1. Prometheus
  2. Intakt
  3. Baphomet

Thelodica Mechs

  1. Artemis
  2. Zenith

Thelodica Heavy Mech

  1. Seth

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