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The Pelistal faction is the slowest faction in the game. Their faction weapon is the missile launcher. Missile launchers are short to medium range weapons. They have the best Line-of-Sight (LOS) in game, but also have the lowest dps.

Missiles do the best alpha damage and have the ability to hit players trying to take cover behind trees and other destructible terrain. They have an arch which makes them great for shooting over hills at targets.

Missile launchers require very little to no energy (accu) to fire; which, makes the Pelistal faction bots and mechs the best suited for using energy warfare and shields.

Missiles have only an optimal range with no falloff. No falloff means full damage when the missile hits its target. Target hit size and resists of course affect missile damage like all other weapons in game.

Pelistal faction color is Green.

Key things to know about missiles as your faction weapon.

  • Missile launchers are labeled as “launcher” not “turret”.
  • Missile ammo determines your base optimal range not the launcher. (Can be affected by extensions.)

Key Extensions for missiles

  • Basic ballistics
  • Missile Launch
  • Complex Missile Launch
  • Propellant Mixing
  • Seismics
  • Missile Guidance
  • Advanced ballistics (for medium missile launchers used on mechs)

NPC InfoEdit

  • Color: Green
  • Weapon type: Missles
  • Damage: Seismic
  • Weakness: Kinetic
  • Strength: Thermal
  • NPC Ranks:
    1. Servant
    2. Patrician
    3. Arbiter
    4. Hero
    5. Overlord

Pelistal RobotsEdit

Pelistal Lights/Assults

  1. Castel
  2. Troiar
  3. Waspish

Pelistal Mechs

  1. Tyrannos
  2. Ictus

Pelistal Heavy Mech

  1. Gropho

Pelistal SchoolsEdit

C&M Communication Corporation profile: infrastructure development, logistics

Originally one among many North American communications corporation, C&M now coordinates Truhold-Markson logistics both on Earth and Nia.

UASD (United American Strategic Department) Corporation profile: coordination of the Truhold-Markson's army

Primary police force of Truhold-Markson. Officially a member of the coalition forces controlled by Syndicate, but the T-M uses this establishment for its own purposes at times.

Penntyte Corporation profile: exploitation and transportation of raw materials

Compared to Nian manufacturing technologies, the terran industry seemed a bit primitive, but the lately adapted inventions gave a push to several industrial sectors. Penntyte is now one of the most prosperous companies thanks to innovations.


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