In PERPETUUM there are 3 main factions PELISTAL, THELODICA and NUIMQOL.

Each race has it's specific specialist weapons area, for the Pelistal it's BALLISTICS (Missiles), the Thelodica use LASERS and finally the Nuimqol focus on MAGNETICS (railguns). Along with the combat aspect of each race you can, of course, focus on the industrial side of the game. This, unlike weapons, isn't faction specific. Therefore, anyone can start MINING or HARVESTING to gather MATERIALS to start building items and mecha. For those who wish to focus on the industrial side of the game there are specific mecha that will optimise and help with your gathering operations. These come under, yes you guessed it, INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS.

All new players will have the skills required to use all basic equipment for both their own faction and industrial to help them get on the way and start making NIC (the games currency).


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