All CT's are either found (in the case of Mk 2 robots, via artifact scanning), or are made by players. They have three attributes worth mentioning:

  • The type of item the CT represents and will help create
  • The material efficiency of the CT - how much additional material will be required beyond “perfect” construction
  • The time efficiency of the CT - how much additional time will be required beyond “perfect” construction

The lower the efficiency numbers, the less efficient the CT, and thus the more materials or time will be required if that CT is used. To utilize the CT, it must be installed in an Outpost's Factory. Doing so allows an Agent to - provided sufficient NIC and commodities are in their personal hangar - create whatever the CT represents.

Calibration Template Degradation occurs at the end of cycle, or when the CT is uninstalled from the Factory. To mitigate the former, improve the Intensive Mass Production extension (more objects created per run) and to mitigate the latter improve the Calibration Template Extraction Efficiency extension (less damage caused per extraction.)

Reverse EngineeringEdit

Making a CT through reverse engineering requires a Decoder of appropriate level, and a sample of the object you wish to Reverse Engineer; doing so destroys the sample. Each item has a difficulty level associated with reverse engineering it, represented by the Decoder level, from 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest.) Because success is guaranteed, no specific skills are required to make a CT; skills do exist to allow for multiple CTs to be generated at once, or to speed up the process. It is worth noting that using a higher level decoder than required will increase the efficiency of the CT, both in time and materials required. (Typically, the bonus is 5% per level above the minimum, but this varies.)

The six skills associated with Reverse Engineering are:

The cost of a Reverse Engineering run is dictated heavily by player skills, so frequent Reverse Engineering runs would benefit from points in Intensive Reverse Engineering. Because the task ultimately has no real skill requirements, though, “casual” engineers may wish to skip putting EP into this field altogether.

All Tech 1 items require simply a copy of themselves for Reverse Engineering. The base item required for Reverse Engineering more advanced technologies - Tech 2, 3, and 4 - has specific requirements - a prototype of that level. Prototyping is a distinct and unique process.