Amerigo III info
Quick Facts
Amerigo III
Level: 1
Contractor: C&M Communications
Type: Transportation
Island: New Virginia
Start: TMA Terminal
Delivery Point: New Virginia

Assignment:Amerigo IIIEdit

Deliver a item to a location on New Virginia


  • Submit item: SynSec container [Amerigo III]


16k NIC
Truhold-Markson token (2)
C&M Communications Faction will increase


As a security protocol, all passwords are changed from time to time on our communication syst's terminals. Obviously, this process cannot be done via the possibly vulnerable SyncOS network, so the safe solution is to overwrite the passwords manually at the terminal.

The enclosed data has a digital fingerprint which only the terminal computers can process. Bring this item to the marked point, and insert the information into the communicational terminal. Since the data you're carrying is both encrypted and vulnerable, there's no guarantee that you won't encounter any enemies on your way there.


  1. Receve assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and move to the designated location A (dont forget to bring your received item). This is North of the terminal.
  3. At the location interact with the terminal and move the item from your cargo into the terminal. Once you deliver the container and the assignment will complete
Amerigo III Map


  • 3x 1 st star NPCs at end location. Either kill them, tank them or dodge them around the buildings.